"What used to be here again?"

the garden of whole hearts. placed in the heart of the adelaide cbd. a jungle awaits you. roxie’s is a garden bar, eatery, coffee deli and events space.

A former furniture store left abandoned for years was where it all began.
In 2013 a short term 28 day lease for the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February 13 changed the site for ever. A little known ‘Pop Up’ bar called Little Miss Mexico emerged and what happened next sparked massive changes on the site and throughout Adelaide. Little Miss Mexico traded through to 2014.
In 2015 the site reincarnates itself into the Crab Shack and Dive Shop which occupies the current Chateau Apollo space on the corner.  The site is heavily transformed to mimic a CrabShack from the beaches of the Caribbean.
Food and drinks support the theme with the then famous ‘Crab Boil’ being served up on a bed of newspaper.
In 2016 the site once again has a major refit and is transformed in SuperFish, a seafood focused bar with fresh juice cocktails and continuing on with its Caribbean vibe.
Moving into 2017. The rise of Roxies.  A permanent license gives way for the site to develop into a permanent venue.  With this a serious renovation is undertaken and the site opens in November 2017 as Roxies Bar & Kitchen which still occupies the site today.

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